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CDN Failover

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CDN Failover Prevents Website Downtime

Content Delivery Networks (What's a CDN?) offer vast performance improvements for your website but when a CDN fails your website can become totally unusable, frustrating your customers and losing you revenue. We've all seen strange-looking websites displaying broken images and unformatted text. This can be thanks to static assets (style sheets, javascript, images and videos etc) not being loaded properly from a CDN even though database and Web servers are working perfectly. Users of today's Internet simply don't tolerate page loading delays and website issues.

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You may not even realise that your site relies on a CDN!
If there's a tag like this in your HTML then your website is vulnerable:

<script src="http://cdn.domainname.tld/jquery.js"></script>

We're developers and sysadmins just like you and because we became increasingly frustrated with CDNs failing and triggering alerts on our monitoring systems we wrote a clever piece of high performance, realtime failover software called CDN Failover. Uniquely it prevents downtime in a variety of challenging scenarios and we found it so useful that we decided to package it. As a result you can now also add automated failover to your own websites within a matter of minutes.

CDN Failover Can Save You Money

Once you've used a few different CDNs you soon come to realise that some are really unreliable, some are over-subscribed making them painfully slow and others are unreasonably expensive. CDN Failover empowers you to utilise cheaper and less reliable CDNs, saving significant money on your hosting costs, without compromising the availability of your valuable website.

Please see our detailed FAQ for further information on how to protect your website and start making savings within minutes of installation.

Sophisticated features


A fully fledged commercial licence for CDN Failover is $19.95 and it is unquestionably brimming with powerful and innovative features:

  • Automatically failover to your local filesystem and/or multiple CDNs
  • Use cheaper CDNs knowing your website will still be up if they fail
  • Protect jQuery libraries such as the one in the example above
  • Prevent downtime without affecting website performance
  • Remotely monitor the latest CDN status reports in a Web browser
  • Run through the easy installation process in minutes
  • Configure individual Magic Tags as well as ALL tags in a page
  • Keep using security tokens on private files with local failover

  • How it works


    Using the simplest of methods (so no extra load is added to your server and that your pages always load seamlessly) CDN Failover periodically checks to see if it can reach your CDNs as pages are visited on your site. If it can't reach one of the CDNs then that CDN is shuffled to the bottom of a list of preferred sources and your valuable website remains available.

    With our easy configuration file you can control all kinds of behaviour including timeouts and starting preference of the sources for your assets and well as individual Magic Tags such as for the jQuery example above. Please see our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions for more information and how to get up and running really quickly.

    Start using in minutes

    1. Super high performance software coupled with a tiny filesystem footprint
    Upload the handful of small CDN Failover files to the root directory of your website.
    2. Extremely simple to follow configuration files offering lots of control
    Edit just a few lines of a simple config file so that CDN Failover knows the file path of your assets.
    3. Start testing your CDNs straight away and keep a brief log of their downtime
    Bring an end to concerns about their reliability within minutes of installing CDN Failover.
    4. Sleep easier by having total confidence in your website
    Unless you stop using a CDN there's no maintenance involved at all.
    5. Use the detailed Status Page to check your CDNs remotely in a Web browser
    Simply rename the Status Page so only you can view the CDN Failover statistics securely.

    System requirements

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    All you need is version PHP 5.2+ installed!

    Included in the in-depth documentation we detail recommendations for a number of performance enhancing options for you to use alongside CDN Failover to get the best from your servers.


                   CDN Failover version v1.04

    Learn from the experts


    We have been running high traffic servers, systems and networks ourselves for 15 years and include some invaluable hints and tips on how to get the best performance from your Web servers and CDNs. For example to offer visitors to your website the best possible experience (and to reduce the load on your Web servers) we recommend using at least two CDNs in case one fails. But if you can't easily rsync/sFTP between CDNs to keep your assets synchronised then simply use one CDN and failover to a local copy of your files hosted on your Web server.

    Install CDN Failover safe in the knowledge that security and server performance have been our highest priorities whilst writing this software. We would not feel confident enough to use it on production servers ourselves unless we were absolutely certain of CDN Failover's reliability and performance. We recommend trying it on a Dev server first. In addition to a licence covering up to five first-level subdomains for your Domain Name (eg dev.domainname.tld) we allow any IP Address in the range to be used for testing as well as localhost and

    What users say about CDN Failover

    The Linux and Windows Server Q&A website Server Circle safeguards images on its site with CDN Failover:

    We're very happy - we optimised our front-end servers in case we had to cope with spikes of traffic and part of that process was made significantly easier using CDN Failover because we just fallback to the drives on our web servers if our CDN is down. You can't tell it's running and took ten minutes to set up.

    Download CDN Failover Now For $19.95

    Simply click the Buy Now button below to be sent to our payment page. Enter the Domain Names and subdomains you wish to licence the software to (we recommend specifying all five free subdomains per Domain Name at checkout so that you can use them in the future without paying for another licence).

    Our outbound SMTP servers will try their best to get two e-mails to you in around 35 seconds (please check your Spam folder). Just click the download link in the e-mail to receive your licensed copy of CDN Failover, add the licence key from the other email to licence.txt and begin using it in minutes. If you that think our FAQ is detailed then prepare yourself for some invaluable information in our docs, we've really gone the extra mile with our documentation because we hate sitting with software scratching our heads for hours just like you. In addition to the screes of information in the FAQ our extensive readme file alone, which also contains a number of expert hints and tips, is over six thousand words in length.